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TCBY Supports Moms Nationwide with Free ‘Fro-Yo’ on Mother’s Day Weekend

Touching on Family-Friendly Nature of the Original Frozen Yogurt, Legacy Brand Gives Even More Reason to Celebrate

May 2, 2013

DENVER – Mother’s Day offers families everywhere a chance to come together and do fun activities with the most important mom in their life, so adding a healthy treat to the mix makes it even better. The Country’s Best Yogurt (TCBY) is treating mothers nationwide this year to a special – and FREE – offer. On Sunday, May 12, any mom who enters one of the 400-plus unit TCBY locations nationwide will receive up to a 6 oz. cup of frozen yogurt, either for self-serve or a small cup or cone in traditional locations.

The offer includes all flavors of yogurts and sorbets, any toppings combinations and all “Super Fro-Yo.” In 2011, TCBY introduced an elite classification of super nutritious frozen yogurt known as Super Fro-Yo, ideal for the healthy mom. Super Fro-Yo contains a special combination of nutrients that work together to improve an overall sense of well-being. Each 4 oz. serving must meet nutritional guidelines that include one gram or less of saturated fat, three grams of fiber, four grams of protein, seven types of live and active cultures/probiotics, 20 percent DV Vitamin D, 20 percent DV Calcium, 10 percent DV Vitamin A and be 120 calories or less.

Moms are leading their families in more healthful food choices. TCBY’s frozen yogurt, the industry’s leader since 1981, makes for a smart addition to any Mother’s Day weekend. With the healthiest proprietary yogurt in the market today and one of the few brands to create its own product internally, TCBY is eager to brighten mom’s special day.

“I can’t think of anyone more important than the moms out there,” said Neal Courtney, interim Chief Executive Officer of TCBY’s parent company, Famous Brands International. “Since there’s nothing more special than some quality one-on-one time with mom, we want to encourage everyone nationwide to come on out for a free treat on us, no strings attached.”

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Intact with TCBY Healthy Indulgences

Frozen Yogurt Innovator Encourages Customers to Begin the Year with Guilt-Free Favorites

Jan 3, 2013

Broomfield, CO (Jan. 3, 2013) – Leading the frozen yogurt market in better-for-you, great-tasting products, TCBY, The Country’s Best Yogurt and frozen yogurt innovator, kicks off 2013 by satisfying the sweet tooth of customers nationwide. Beginning at the start of the year, TCBY will offer, for a limited time, nonfat Frosted Sugar Cookie, nonfat Double Fudge Brownie and 97 percent fat free Wedding Cake soft-serve frozen yogurt. Frosted Sugar Cookie and Double Fudge Brownie flavors will pack a punch of prebiotics, vitamins, protein, calcium and live active probiotic cultures, qualifying for the Super Fro-Yo classification. An Excellence in Innovation award winner, Super Fro-Yo flavors are considered among the healthiest frozen yogurt in the industry.

“We understand that our customers view the New Year as the perfect time to evaluate food choices and pledge to make healthier decisions in 2013,” explains Dr. Wayne Geilman, product development manager and food scientist at TCBY. “Our new flavors, Frosted Sugar Cookie, Double Fudge Brownie and Wedding Cake, are not only decadent and delicious, but they also are filled with vitamins and nutrients, making them the perfect choice for those looking for healthier alternatives. By maintaining the flavor profiles, all while enhancing the nutritionals, we are able to provide our customers with more value and satisfaction when they choose to enjoy one of our new flavors.”

Frosted Sugar Cookie will arrive in participating stores in January, Double Fudge Brownie in February and Wedding Cake in March. Both Frosted Sugar Cookie and Double Fudge Brownie are nonfat, while Wedding Cake is 97 percent fat free. All flavors include protein and calcium and contain real California milk.

Super Fro-Yo

In addition to its tremendous health benefits, Super Fro-Yo flavors also meet the following guidelines per serving:

  • Minimum three grams of fiber
  • Minimum four grams of protein
  • Minimum seven types of live active probiotics cultures
  • Minimum 20 percent DV of vitamin D
  • Minimum 20 percent DV of Calcium

Even with an indulgent flavor profile, our Super Fro-Yo classics also contain 120 calories or less, a minimum of 10 percent DV of Vitamin A, one gram or less of saturated fat and a minimum of 20 billion live active probiotics cultures per serving at manufacturing.